' I M A G I N A T I O N   B E Y O N D   A N   I M A G E '


I work since 2005 through my company, Studio MetaFlorica, as an independent photographer, designer and painter. My goal is to create contemporary, expressive images and surface designs for wall and home décor, ultra-large murals, apparel and merchandise.

Artistically, I am inspired by floral shapes and organic structures, and explore the world beyond its objective realities – therefore the name MetaFlorica. My intention always is to create work that elicits feelings of connectivity with nature and authentic life, feelings that we experience when walking through the rough nature of the Nordic, small Italian coastal towns, little villages in France, an English garden, or a desolate industrial heritage site.
Technically, my images and surface designs are mixed-media works. That is, I mix manual and digital techniques, such as painting, photographing and computer processing, quite extensively. For example, watercolor and acrylic paintings on paper or silk are photographed and then digitally edited into surface designs for wallpaper or fabrics.

Commercially, Studio MetaFlorica works through art publishers, art licensing agents, direct licensing, art consultants, and online services. Finally, besides creating free work, I love dialoguing with customers with a view to provide tailor-made designs.

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Cora Niele


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