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All that elicits feelings of connectivity with nature and authentic life inspires us, feelings that we experience when walking through the rough nature of the Nordic, a Scottish valley, small Italian coastal towns, French markets, an English garden, or a desolate industrial heritage site.


The art comes in capturing ephemeral moods of nature and culture in the form of creative expressions. We always look for organically evolved shapes and structures in floral and botanical appearances, in landscapes, and in human artifacts on which sunlight, water and air left fascinating marks over time.

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Studio MetaFlorica designs for wallcovering, wall art and décor products feature both artistic and decorative qualities. By mixing traditional arts with digital technologies our works could be described as true mixed media designs, though contemporary styled for sure.


Although Studio MetaFlorica designs emerge at the intersection of craft and technology, end-products are high-resolution digital images enabling customers to convert an interior surface into an exclusive part of its architectural surrounding, be it commercial or residential. Obviously we provide graphical customization to so deliver bespoke products.


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